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Video: How To Create Your Blissful Life

07 31 2014

If you ever find yourself looking at someone else’s life and wondering “how did she do it?”, STOP.  Not only is it a waste of your precious energy but, my lovely, it suggests that it’s not for you.  The truth is it is for you too.  You can create whatever it is you desire.  Not with the wave of a magic wand but with clarity and persistence and with the support of mentors and loved ones.  Don’t believe me?

This week I hosted a FREE hangout: The #1 Step You Need To Take To Finally Start Creating Your Blissful Life.  You can catch the recording HERE.

And to help you on your way, I’ve created a free worksheet for you to download to begin forming your blissful life action plan.  You can download it here

I’d love to hear from you.  Once you’ve “burned your bridges”, tell me what blissful life you are committed to creating, by when and what is the first step you will take.  Share with me in the comments below.

COMING SOON: If you’re interested in working with me, I’m going to be opening up a handful of spots for my new VIP programme, the Luxe Intensive.  It’s not yet released but you can find out more HERE.


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The #1 step you need to take to finally start creating your blissful life

07 27 2014

Have you ever caught yourself looking at someone else’s life and thinking “I wonder how she did it?” 

How did she manage to create a life where she spends quality time with her children every day?

How did she start from zero and create a successful business that she loves?

How does she manage to travel with such a young family?

Where does she find the time to exercise and keep herself in good shape?

Whatever you’ve been green-eyed about, there is one simple secret that these women know…

In my free hangout, I’m going to be sharing:

  • The simple idea that your role model knows – whether she’s the girl next door or an internationally-famous success – and that you can apply from TODAY
  • How to get your game-face on to start making your blissful life a reality
  • How you can turn an average day into a day that counts

Ready to know more?  Reserve your spot now.

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It's Time To Stop Fixing Your Flaws

07 18 2014

Can you remember some of the compliments you’ve been given lately?  Now, how about the times you’ve been criticised? Can you remember those?

If you’re anything like me (and apparently a fifth of the female population²), you brush over the praise but dwell on any ‘constructive criticism’.  I can still bring to mind ‘feedback’ I was given in annual appraisals at work about how I could be “more assertive”, “more challenging” and “louder”. In short, not me. I spent way too long focusing on how I could do better without stopping to question it.

But I see it more clearly now.  

You have two options. One, you can focus on improving your ‘flaws’ – those ways you or someone else has decided you could be better.  Or, two, you can focus on fulfilling your beautiful potential – your inner sparkle as I like to call it.

Option one asks you to try to mould yourself into something you’re not.  Option two asks you to be you in all your brilliance.

I look back now at that annual ‘feedback’ I was given and, with the benefit of hindsight, wonder why I didn’t just embrace my limitations rather than allow it to distract me.  I’m not saying I would have given up trying – I always want to be learning and I took huge pride in doing the best job I could – BUT I wonder why I didn’t fight my own corner and find ways I could break the mould and shine in my own way.  Maybe because I wasn’t challenging enough, hey!

It makes me all the more passionate about getting women to recognise their potential.  It’s not about living up to someone else’s rules, it’s about creating your own.  

What does being the very best version of you look like?  How can you be more ‘you’?  

My challenge this week is to follow your inner north star.  How can you shake  off some of the things you feel you should be or do, and be more of you instead.  I’d love for you to share with me how you get on.

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The 2 Big Reasons Why You Should Stop Wishing For a Better Life

07 15 2014

Have you ever tried dropping a few subtle gift hints in the lead-up to your birthday or Christmas?  You mention the amazing pair of shoes you tried on or the designer perfume you spritzed and fell in love with.  Now tell me, do the subtle hints work for you?  Or, have you ended up unwrapping a pasta-maker when what you really had your eye on was a soft-as-butter leather purse? (True story.)

When it comes to making your desires a reality, subtle hints just won’t cut it.  You’ve got to know what you want and then be crystal clear in asking for it.

So, you say you want more time.  You want a better balance.  You’d like more time for yourself.  Well, if so, I’m sorry to break it to you but the chances are you might just end up with a pasta maker.  It’s time to get clear on what you really want.

If you want more time, why?  What will more time give you?  What’s really important to you about having more time? Or more money? Or a better balance? Or whatever your surface level wish is.  

Dig a little deeper and you start to get to your core desire/s.

If you were granted your wish of more money, your bank account has just been credited, what would this mean to you?  Would it mean you could quit your job? And then what? Spend time with your family?  Start your own business?  What is the motivation and the core desire that sits beneath your wish.  

Maybe you truly desire love and connection and more money would mean more time to spend with the people you love.

Or quitting your job and starting your own business would give you a sense of achievement and fulfilment.

Or maybe more money means more freedom so you can choose the lifestyle you want to create.  You can travel.  You can choose work you love.

Give it a try.  Think of what you keep wishing for.  Identify your “if… then…” stories.  For example, if I had more time, then I’d be happier/less stressed.  It will probably be a thought that loops around your head frequently.  

Once you’ve pinpointed it, get digging.  Ask yourself, why do I want that?  Keep going until you get to an emotion, then you’ve struck gold.  Most often, you’ll feel like the word resonates, it will feel right.

stop wishingAnd here are two reasons why its super-important to be clear on your core desires and not just your surface level wishes

1. Your core desires are your compass.  When you live in ‘alignment’ to the things you desire the most, things will flow more easily.  If they’re not, then things start to feel a bit ‘off’, they feel more of a struggle.  In a nutshell, you can consciously make choices and decisions to live in a way that suits you and what you value most.

2. There may be ways in which you can bring your desire about in your life right now.  So, if you wish for more money, a lottery win might be unlikely.  BUT, if the reason you wish for a windfall is because your core desire is to feel peace or calm, you can find ways today to create that feeling in your life.  Maybe a quick walk after dinner in the evening would feel calming.  Or a bubble bath.  Or maybe meditation might bring you a feeling of peace.  

Living your desires might just be a little closer than you think.

So, over to you.  I’d love to hear what your wish is and what you’ve identified as your core desire then one simple way you could create that feeling today.

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How to not let people down (and simplify your week)

07 06 2014

It’s a sunny evening here in North Yorkshire and I’m enjoying a glass of wine as I plan my week ahead – it’s become a bit of a Sunday ritual.  And the planning part has definitely become a juggle.  

Gone are the simpler days of taking care of just me: now my diary is jam-packed with appointments for my boys, family commitments and (what feels like) an endless list of tasks to keep our home, finances and social life ticking.  Life is busy.  And I hear from many of you living at the same pace, often feeling overwhelmed.

You’re playing so many roles – wife/partner, mum, employee/business owner, friend, chief cook and bottle-washer – and you want to do your best (and be the best) at them all.  You want the perfect marriage, to be the best mum, to excel in your career or business, to have meaningful friendships and to perfect the art of a smooth-running home.  And how about some time for yourself?

The thing is when it comes to wanting to be all things to all people, something’s going to give.  If you keep adding more to your already full plate, you’re on a fast-track to overwhelm… and letting people down.  Every super-mum’s worst nightmare!

blogSo, here are 6 ways to simplify your week:

Get your priorities straight: What are the three most important things you must get done this week?  What do you want for your family?  And for yourself?  Know what your priorities are that simply must happen this week.

Have a plan of action: Take a look at your week ahead and decide when you’re going to focus on your priorities.  Set aside non-negotiable time to get these things done.

Ask for help: With the time you have left – around your normal day-to-day commitments – what else needs to get done?  What can you add to your weekly plan without leaving you frazzled and burnt out?  If there’s too many things to do and not enough time, it’s time to ask for help.  Are there any things you can just eliminate?  Or what can you delegate?  Whether it’s getting a cleaner, grocery shopping online, or asking your partner to take over child-care for an evening a week, getting comfortable in asking for support.

Stop people-pleasing: Learn to say no.  Stop taking on things you feel you should be doing.  Forget feeling obligated.  Know what you want and need to do and learn to say a gracious no thank you to the rest.

Give up the guilt: There are only 24 hours in a day.  You’re doing your best.  Your days will have trade-offs: some days your work will benefit, other days your family will be your focus.  Keep in mind your priorities and be gentle with yourself.

Take some time out: Yes, last on the list as it’s the one so many women forget.  Take time to re-charge your batteries.  Your ideal week should include some non-negotiable you-time.  In fact, add it to your list of weekly priorities pronto!  You can’t keep giving when you’re running on empty.  Make time to replenish your reserves.

So, I’d love to hear from you. What will you to simplify your week??  Share your comment with me below.

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The Truth Of How To Get What You Want

06 16 2014

Are you an Instagram-er?  (And if you are, you can find me here)

I confess, I’m an Instagram-aholic.  I can’t help myself.  For me, it’s like a scrolling vision board…  You see, as well as following people I actually know in real life, most of the people I follow are people I admire and look upto and that inspire me in some way.  Most of the time I find that pretty motivating… except for the days when I’m seeing a glossy edit of someone’s life when I’m half-asleep or up-to-my-eyes in baby stuff and feeling very un-glamorous.

And then there’s the lust-list of brands I follow on Instagram – this is when it enters dangerous territory.  Seeing regular posts from my favourites, like the sparkles at Astley Clarke or the chic little numbers at Reiss, is my kryptonite.  Suddenly (and regularly) I’m seeing things I didn’t know I needed.  Not want, need.


But that’s how it works, right?  Advertising 101 is to seduce you into buying a lifestyle: “sell the sizzle, not the steak” as my old university tutor phrased it.  You’d think I’d know better, having worked “in the business” for too many years to mention – it’s chasing shiny pennies.

So often, when things aren’t working out quite as we might have planned, the “ifs” and “whens” roll into town: “I’ll be happy when…” or “I’d have the job/home/partner of my dreams, if…”.  I’ve been guilty of this too: whether it’s thinking a bit of Astley Clarke decoration will make me happy, or looking for a quick-fix solution to fast track me towards the lifestyle of my dreams, I’ve been looking for the genie in the lamp.

And the real truth is – and we know it – the genie isn’t going to show up.  It’s simply down to you.  How do you get what you want?  You start.  You take a few baby steps and you commit to taking those baby steps consistently.  You’ve got to make it happen.  You’ve got to put the work in every single day to make it happen.  Wishing and hoping that things will magically change without some change on your part is the stuff of fairytales.

But, it’s in starting that the magic happens.  The simplest things done consistently can bring dramatic results.  It’s like the advice we were given about starting to save early: save small amounts regularly and the compound interest fairy will sprinkle her magic and see your little savings pot grow.  It’s the same with getting that thing you want: start investing in it now and, a year from now, you’ll enjoy looking at the return on the investment of your time and energy.

I’ve been reminded of this truth over the past couple of weeks as I’ve taken on the #FindTimeFindYou challenge alongside many of you.  My days are pretty routine and so making time to find time has been tricky on some days – especially with an unpredictable 8-week old – but I know that the genie isn’t going to appear.  To design the lifestyle I dream of, I’m going to have to put the work in.  

So, I’d love to hear from you.  What have you been waiting for? What is the one thing you’ve been avoiding doing that you know will be difficult but you also know will move you towards your goals and ideals?  Share with me in the comments below…

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#FindTimeFindYou: the challenge

06 01 2014
At the start of the year I committed to the theme of consistency.  Well, for the past month or so, I’ve not quite managed that as my little newborn bundle has reminded me how unpredictable life with a new baby is.  Time has flown by.
Time is, more than ever, my most precious resource.  The days are fast and time is flying.  Can you relate?  If you’re finding that there aren’t enough hours in the day, I want to invite you to be part of the Find Time, Find You challenge which is starting next Sunday.
In this 4-week free challenge we’ll cover:
– Decluttering your mind
– Refreshing your space
– Getting moving
– Cleansing
Through daily prompts and with the support of other women in the Glitterati community, the idea is that you can overcome the overwhelm and create more ease and calm in your busy lifestyle.
You can find out more about the challenge and how to get involved by clicking HERE.
Is there a friend you know who’d like to declutter the busy-ness from her day-to-day?  Invite her to join us by sharing THIS LINK
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Time out: what happens when the world slows down

05 11 2014

Our beautiful son, Joe, arrived on 19th April.  The three weeks since  have been such a haze: a blur of night-feeds, nappy changes and getting to know the new addition to our family.  And life has slowed right down.

Don’t get me wrong, with two children under two, our days are full and busy but having a dependent newborn has reminded me how simple life can be.

Rewind just a few weeks and even carrying the weight of a full-term baby (a big one at 9lb 8oz) hadn’t slowed me down.  There was lots to be done and I seemed to be filling every minute.  Nursery to re-decorate, tiny clothes to wash, preparing my business to run on auto-pilot for a little while – I felt I was racing against the clock to get stuff done.  Since returning from the hospital with our gentle little bundle, the pace has slowed.  It had to.  We’re in ‘survival mode’.

Survival.  Having basic needs met.  For Joe, as long as he’s well-fed, warm, dry and feeling protected, he’s content.  What a simple way of being.  And nurturing his needs has forced me to adopt a simpler approach too.  The laundry’s mounting, the kitchen cupboards are looking a little sparse, Louis has had a little more TV and a little less creative play than I’d like – in a nutshell, I’ve not met the high standards that I usually impose on myself but everyone is taken care of and loved.  Simple.

It doesn’t come naturally though – I’m a perfectionist at heart so I want to strive for the best but, if I’ve been reminded of a lesson these past few weeks, it’s to ask: so what?  What is most important to me right here and right now is being the best mum I can be.  To everything else that I feel like I should be doing, I ask myself so what?  What am I doing today to tend to my most important priority?  What can wait until tomorrow… or the day after?

Now, over to you.  What’s your biggest priority?  What can wait?  If you don’t get done everything you feel you should do, so what?  I’d love to hear from you in the comments below.


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Featured on The Boss Mag: Stop wasting time on social media

04 15 2014

If you’ve ever caught yourself looking at the clock and wondering how you managed to spend quite so long checking your Facebook, Instagram and Twitter feeds, my post on The Boss Mag may be of interest.

In the post, I share:

  • How to use your intuition to guide your social media ‘play time’
  • The strategic filter you must apply before you check your social media feed
  • Why you should indulge the green-eyed monster a little
  • Time-savers you should be using.

Read the full post: 5 Steps to Know When to Stop Looking and Start Doing

I’d love to know what your biggest ‘time-suck’ is on social media and what one step you can take to break the habit.  Please share in the Comments below…

Image: Andy Bradshaw, Eighty

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Interview with Jessica Nazarali: Design a health & wellness business that sparkles

04 15 2014

I’m excited to introduce you to the very lovely Jess Nazarali.  Based in Sydney, Jess is a business coach, blogger at and & co-owner of an online health food store with her husband  She started her business while she was working full-time in the corporate world and has created a thriving business so that, earlier this year, she has been able to leave her job and focus her energy and attention on her passions.  Jess has achieved so much in just a short space of time so I’m excited for her to share her story today.  

In this video, Jess shares how she designed a health and wellness business that sparkles:

  • How growing up on a farm sowed the seed for her future entrepreneurial path.
  • What gave her the confidence to take the leap to starting her own business and blog.
  • How listening to her intuition brought about a new business direction.
  • What has driven and motivated Jess to create a business that allowed her to achieve her vision and leave her corporate job.
  • Her top three tips for women who want to get started in business

Jess and I would love to hear what vision you are going to unapologetically strive for – please share in the comments below.

p.s. Here are a few of the resources Jess mentions in her video:

Marie Forleo’s B-School

Institute of Integrative Nutrition

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