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WorkWithMeYou’re high-achieving, super-busy and one of life’s good girls so you know you shouldn’t complain, make the best of it, keep on smiling.  Am I right?  But maybe behind the smile, deep-down, you feel that life is missing a little magic…

  • Are you a devoted mummy who devotes your time and energy to making your children happy but feel an inner yearning to do more and be more?  Do you feel guilty for even thinking this?
  • Have you forgotten the ‘real you’ and feel like you’ve lost your sense of identity?
  • Do you feel like you’re constantly juggling priorities and that there’s not enough time in the day to keep everything running smoothly, let alone have time to nurture your own health and wellbeing?
  • Have you put your dreams and ambitions ‘on hold’?

Are you ready to let go of the old you? Are you ready to recognise your talent, your genius, your BRILLIANCE?

Consider this: You were born to be brilliant.  You are here for a purpose and to create an impact.  You are meant to sparkle.

And, get this… As you step into your brilliance and sparkle, you inspire those around you to do the same.  Awakening to your fullest potential serves as an inspiration and invitation to others including, and especially, your family.

It’s time to dream REALLY big

Imagine a time when you felt truly ‘you’.  You felt an assured sense of self, you felt a clarity of direction and ambition, you took care of yourself.  Maybe you’ve never quite felt this way – if so, imagine it as a possibility.  Now is the time for you to re-awaken this brilliant you.

What would your life be like if you could wish for it now? Dream BIG – no limits, no guilt.  What if you could create anything you wanted?

My expertise is in helping women to:

  • Be reacquainted with their ‘inner sparkle’
  • Reclaim their sense of identity
  • Get clarity on their dreams, ambitions and direction
  • Release the ‘roadblocks’ that stand between you and your sparkling life
  • Create a realistic plan of achievement that reflects and complements your role as a mummy

Are you ready to step into your brilliance?



Together we will take a holistic look at your current lifestyle.  We will get clear on your deepest values, desires and the impact you want to make in your world.  We’ll uncover your unique genius, your passion and your zest for life: your ‘sparkle’.  We’ll uproot the fears and doubts that have stopped you claiming the life you’re meant to be living.

We’ll get to work on re-designing your lifestyle in alignment with your vision reviewing how you can use your time most effectively, how to generate the money you want to earn, and how to prioritise the things and people that bring you the most joy.  

It’s time for you to dream BIG, create momentum and make it happen. 

What you’ll get:

A private 3-month programme 100% focused on nurturing you and your dreams

1 x 90-minute Clarity Call Intensive

5 x 45-minute Clarity Calls

Unlimited email love and support


£1100 for the full programme.  Payment options are available.

So, what’s next?

If you’d like to know more about working with me you can check out the FAQ page HERE or set up your free 15-minute Awakening Session by completing the short survey HERE