You’ve heard me say it before: slow down, nurture yourself, fill your tank so you have energy to overflow to others.

But who has acted on it?  The idea is nice – who could refuse some ‘me-time’?  But, in reality, has looking after you and your needs made you feel a bit guilty?  Does it seem a bit indulgent?

There’s a fine line.  Focusing on your needs alone to the sacrifice of others could be deemed as selfish.  Focusing on your needs to be of benefit and value to others, it’s an investment.  It’s the kindest thing you can do for yourself and others.

I struggled with this until I heard Vishan Lakhiani speaking about “the theory of awesomeness”.  During his keynote speech, he talked about how the heart could be seen as the most selfish organ in the body:  “it keeps all the good blood for itself. It takes in all the good blood, the most oxygenated blood, and then distributes the rest to every other organ.  But if the heart didn’t keep the good blood for itself, the heart would die. And if the heart died, it would take every other organ with it. The liver. The kidneys. The brain. The heart, in a way, has to be selfish for its own preservation.

And it is that attitude I encourage you to have when it comes to taking care of you and your wellbeing.  Feel more inside to give more on the outside.  

What are you thoughts on this?  What do you do that ‘fills your tank’ and revitalises you?

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