“It’s not meant to be like this.”
“Well, Em, it just is….”
Ouch. This tough love conversation is one I can remember like it was yesterday.  It was the run-up to our wedding but my mind was elsewhere.  
From the outside, things looked pretty good.  I had the job, the apartment, the social life, I was the bride-to-be….I should have felt on top of the world.  But I was in pain.  I had a permanent knot in my stomach – if I try I can feel it now.  It was a knot of stress and panic, feeling trapped, and I was lost.  My health was taking the brunt of it. (A night in A&E for heart palpitations was the low-point.)
knew I needed to make a change.  Not only was my health affected but, outside of work, I couldn’t enjoy my ‘free’ time because I felt like I had a cloud hanging over me.  
The real problem was I couldn’t see how to make a change.
So why the trip down memory lane, you might ask?
I share because, if you feel like any of this is true for you, if you feel lost or wonder who am i? or feel unclear on what you actually want, then I can relate.  And the good news is, I’m here to nudge you forward.
Just imagine feeling crystal clear on who you are and what you want.  Imagine waking with a feeling of purpose.  Imagine feeling excited about the future rather than dread.
Imagine it and believe it.  It’s there waiting for you 
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What do you need to do?
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  • Plan some ‘you time’.  Set aside 60-90 minutes where you can have some quiet, uninterrupted time just for you – to invest into your vision for your future. 
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And when you’re done, let me know – I’d love to hear from you.  Comment below with your biggest insight or commitment to yourself.