It’s a sunny evening here in North Yorkshire and I’m enjoying a glass of wine as I plan my week ahead – it’s become a bit of a Sunday ritual.  And the planning part has definitely become a juggle.  

Gone are the simpler days of taking care of just me: now my diary is jam-packed with appointments for my boys, family commitments and (what feels like) an endless list of tasks to keep our home, finances and social life ticking.  Life is busy.  And I hear from many of you living at the same pace, often feeling overwhelmed.

You’re playing so many roles – wife/partner, mum, employee/business owner, friend, chief cook and bottle-washer – and you want to do your best (and be the best) at them all.  You want the perfect marriage, to be the best mum, to excel in your career or business, to have meaningful friendships and to perfect the art of a smooth-running home.  And how about some time for yourself?

The thing is when it comes to wanting to be all things to all people, something’s going to give.  If you keep adding more to your already full plate, you’re on a fast-track to overwhelm… and letting people down.  Every super-mum’s worst nightmare!

blogSo, here are 6 ways to simplify your week:

Get your priorities straight: What are the three most important things you must get done this week?  What do you want for your family?  And for yourself?  Know what your priorities are that simply must happen this week.

Have a plan of action: Take a look at your week ahead and decide when you’re going to focus on your priorities.  Set aside non-negotiable time to get these things done.

Ask for help: With the time you have left – around your normal day-to-day commitments – what else needs to get done?  What can you add to your weekly plan without leaving you frazzled and burnt out?  If there’s too many things to do and not enough time, it’s time to ask for help.  Are there any things you can just eliminate?  Or what can you delegate?  Whether it’s getting a cleaner, grocery shopping online, or asking your partner to take over child-care for an evening a week, getting comfortable in asking for support.

Stop people-pleasing: Learn to say no.  Stop taking on things you feel you should be doing.  Forget feeling obligated.  Know what you want and need to do and learn to say a gracious no thank you to the rest.

Give up the guilt: There are only 24 hours in a day.  You’re doing your best.  Your days will have trade-offs: some days your work will benefit, other days your family will be your focus.  Keep in mind your priorities and be gentle with yourself.

Take some time out: Yes, last on the list as it’s the one so many women forget.  Take time to re-charge your batteries.  Your ideal week should include some non-negotiable you-time.  In fact, add it to your list of weekly priorities pronto!  You can’t keep giving when you’re running on empty.  Make time to replenish your reserves.

So, I’d love to hear from you. What will you to simplify your week??  Share your comment with me below.

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