Our beautiful son, Joe, arrived on 19th April.  The three weeks since  have been such a haze: a blur of night-feeds, nappy changes and getting to know the new addition to our family.  And life has slowed right down.

Don’t get me wrong, with two children under two, our days are full and busy but having a dependent newborn has reminded me how simple life can be.

Rewind just a few weeks and even carrying the weight of a full-term baby (a big one at 9lb 8oz) hadn’t slowed me down.  There was lots to be done and I seemed to be filling every minute.  Nursery to re-decorate, tiny clothes to wash, preparing my business to run on auto-pilot for a little while – I felt I was racing against the clock to get stuff done.  Since returning from the hospital with our gentle little bundle, the pace has slowed.  It had to.  We’re in ‘survival mode’.

Survival.  Having basic needs met.  For Joe, as long as he’s well-fed, warm, dry and feeling protected, he’s content.  What a simple way of being.  And nurturing his needs has forced me to adopt a simpler approach too.  The laundry’s mounting, the kitchen cupboards are looking a little sparse, Louis has had a little more TV and a little less creative play than I’d like – in a nutshell, I’ve not met the high standards that I usually impose on myself but everyone is taken care of and loved.  Simple.

It doesn’t come naturally though – I’m a perfectionist at heart so I want to strive for the best but, if I’ve been reminded of a lesson these past few weeks, it’s to ask: so what?  What is most important to me right here and right now is being the best mum I can be.  To everything else that I feel like I should be doing, I ask myself so what?  What am I doing today to tend to my most important priority?  What can wait until tomorrow… or the day after?

Now, over to you.  What’s your biggest priority?  What can wait?  If you don’t get done everything you feel you should do, so what?  I’d love to hear from you in the comments below.