Remember when you used to get a knock-on the door from your friend asking you to play out?  Well, this week, I’m that friend…

I’m asking you out to play, to let your hair down, to unleash your inner silly side.

There are so many reasons to be sensible – responsibility to your children, money to earn, chores to be done – and I’m guilty of letting all the “grown-up stuff” take over.  But where’s the fun in that if you’re not living a little too.  So, this week I’m encouraging you to be silly and have fun.

What makes you laugh so much that your cheeks ache?

What makes you feel carefree and childlike?

How can you let loose your silly side?

My silly list includes: dancing to my favourite cheesy iPod playlist, singing at the top of my voice, having a go on the aerial slide next time I take my little boy to the park (I keep wanting to have a go but have resisted looking like a big kid!!!).

I’d love to hear from you: what will you do this week to play a little?  Share in the Comments below… you could maybe even share a picture if you’re brave enough??  

Image source: Elle Walker


  • Claire Wellard
    Claire Wellard
    Mar 24 2014
    What a great post / question Emma. I think its important to relax, unwind and let loose sometimes. Everyone works so hard and has a lot of responsibilities to always think about. I have 2 little kids (19 months and 3) so I get on the trampoline with them, sing at the top of my voice and dance around the lounge with and without them. They look at me like I am crazy, but then we all start laughing. Its like I am 5 all over again and the stress of the day is forgotten.
  • Rebecca Woodward
    Rebecca Woodward
    Mar 24 2014
    We spend a lot of time commuting and my eldest has started blowing raspberries at people who drive badly. Initially I told her off but now I join in, so much more fun! And all the stress is gone!

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