These past few weeks have been CRAZY!  Our home has had a few little ‘niggles’ to fix: plumbing problems, faulty oven, broken kettle, doors sticking.  My car has needed some TLC: winter servicing, a leaky injection fix (whatever that means?) and now a scratch to repair (the hubby was driving!).  Louis has been poorly for most of the past month: as well as the seasonal cough and cold, we’ve nursed him through a tummy bug, croup and ear infection.  Oh, and of course there has been the manic rush to get Christmas cards written, the house decorated festively and Christmas presents for friends and family bought and wrapped.  Any spare energy I have left has been used to nurture the little baby swelling my tummy.  I. am. exhausted.  

Over the past few weeks I’ve been in tears on too many occasions to count.  I have been busy but I kept reminding myself that it’s the same for everyone at this time of the year?!  I didn’t want to complain but the saltwater welling in my eyes gave me away.  The problem was, there was no balance.  I am happy to work hard, to fix what needs fixing, to get swept away in the seasonal madness and, above all, to put my baby first when he needs me… I just wanted a little bit of me thrown into the mix too.

Rather than just keep going I decided to treat myself.  I’m not talking 5* spa breaks and champagne dinners here.  I know, for me, it’s the simple things that make me feel like me again – simple things like candles, time to read a magazine and pretty pinkies!  I’ve ordered myself some Butter London nail lacquer (Rosie Lee – it’s sparkly, of course!) and I’m taking a day-off on Wednesday.  A day without to-do lists, phone calls to make, commitments to keep.  A day (or at least while Louis is in nursery) of freedom to feel like Emma again.  I’ve earned it.

What are you doing for you this Christmas?  What little treat can you indulge yourself with?

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