Today, I’m talking business and cocktails, oh my!  

I’m thrilled to be asked by Hilary Rushford of Dean Street Society to take part in the Happy Hour Dialogues – conversations with super-talented entrepreneurial ladies celebrating the launch of Hilary’s book, The 4-part Entrepreneurial Cocktail.  I count Hilary as one of my most respected mentors (in fact, I’ve dubbed her my ‘entrepreneurial big sister’) so I can’t wait to get my mitts on her book when it launches on 17th December.  It will be my Christmas pressie to me!

Let’s get this entrepreneurial party started with a little motivational talk… What is it that motivates you?

I’ve confessed before my inner geek… I was fascinated by entrepreneurship way back when I was in primary school.  My friend and I would play ‘businesses’.  We’d carry our plastic briefcases to each others homes and set up our makeshift office: one week we’d be selling luxury holidays, the next property, the next homemade ‘perfume’.  Yes, we did the usual things too, like riding our bikes, having tea parties, playing at the park, BUT playing businesses was my favourite.  And here lies a clue to what motivates me…  

The kick I got out of our geeky little role play back in the 80’s is still the same kick I get out of having my own business today.  I feel I’m creating something that is me, putting a little bit of myself out there in the world.  It turns out that I prize being authentic highly…  

The authentic me is a little geeky, yes.  I’m also reflective, introverted, nurturing – traits that don’t suit the rules of big business too well.  The authentic me now knows that I want to help other people feel the same way – to discover their inner sparkle.  The grown-up me wants to support women who are juggling motherhood to nurture their dreams as well as their family.  Only through entrepreneurship could I mix all of these individual parts to my own unique cocktail.  

So, on days when the ideas just won’t flow, when I’m procrastinating to avoid stepping out of my comfort zone, when I’m worrying about sustaining an income for me and my family, I think of my little plastic briefcase and remind myself what my 8-year old self already knew: my entrepreneurial motivation and my raison d’être is to share the real me with the world.  That, and some really nice stationery.

You can pre-order your copy of Hilary’s book, The 4-part Entrepreneurial Cocktail.  Click here to view more details

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