Back in 2010, pre-wedding and pre-baby, I completed the Leeds 10k run. Now, for you serious runners out there this may seem quite a tame achievement but for me it was monumental. You see, I’d never been a runner. I was always one of the girls chugging in last when cross-country running was on the school timetable and pretty much always the last to finish in the town’s school meets. (Yes, I was on the school team but it was a small school and slim pickings!) So I never saw myself as a runner. Running – not for me. But then, when I hit my thirties I decided to give it another try. Not to compete but as it was exercise I could fit in around a busy work schedule and with little expense. One thing led to another and I applied to run the Leeds 10k – and run it I did in one hour and 3 minutes.

But ask me now if I’d ever compete in a marathon and you’d get a firm no. I’m too old, too unfit, I’m not a marathoner. But then, why do I chose to believe this?

Why do we sell ourselves short? Why do we make these limiting decisions about ourselves that limit our choices and opportunities?

What decisions have you made about yourself? What rules have you imposed on yourself? What if you chose to break those rules instead?

This November I’ll be working with an exclusive group of women in the Awaken Your Brilliance group programme. The programme will help identify those old rules and beliefs that each of us hold about ourselves and help this select Glitterati gang break through these shadows and step into their unique brilliance.

I made a quick (amatuer!) video to tell you a little more about the programme.

You can find out more HERE

You can sign up HERE: applications open until Friday 15th November

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