I started my first blog one evening in 2010 on a whim.  I’d suddenly ‘discovered’ the world of blogging and, as I’ve always loved writing, I thought I’d jump on the bandwagon.  Little did I know how much I’d love it – sad as it sounds, opening up a blank post and letting the words flow onto my keyboard became the highlight of my day… and, in hindsight, totally therapeutic.  But it was a space just for me.  I was blogging for me, not for an audience.  (In fact, I wrote under a pen name and don’t think I shared my little online home for at least the first year.)  

When I realised that (shock horror) people were actually reading what I was writing, and having set up a new digital home, I started taking my little hobby a little more seriously.  It was when I started the Secrets of my Success interview series that I began to give my blog a little more planning-TLC.  I got organised.

I’ve been asked how I plan out my posts so thought I’d share with you today.  Whether your blogging is cathartic, purely for fun, or with bigger dreams and intentions, I hope this free blog planning template will be of use…

How I use it:

  • Now my website lives at WordPress I use the WordPress Editorial Calendar plugin as the place where all my planned posts live.  I add in all my regular posts, such as Secrets of my Success interviews and the Behind the Scenes posts, and can see at a glance where I have post-less days.  It’s also easy to switch things around.
  • Each month I then plan out my content a little more.  (I like to work about two weeks ahead if I can – although I’m a bit more spur-of-the-moment with the more personal posts).  I like to plan my weeks with pen and paper so I print out the blog planner to use alongside my weekly planner – then I write out a rough plan for each blog post including what images I might use, what links to include and so on.

You can download it here

I’d love to hear what you think of this free blog planner and if you’ll find it helpful.  Share with me in the Comments below.

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