Through her online magazine Bella Life, Nitika Chopra is doing her bit to encourage people to make happiness a habit and, to coin her mantra, to “let go and live big“. And she’s a living testament to that mantra. Nitika excitedly shared her story with me, how the concept for Bella Life was born and how her big dream of having her own talk show has become a reality. Ahead of the premiere of Naturally Beautiful, which airs on September 24th, Nitika shares the secrets of her success…

What has been the ‘defining moment’ that set you on the path you’re on today?  How did you get to where you are now?

So, four years ago I started trying to figure out where my passion lay.  I realised that I really love to take care of people, I really love to be creative, creating new concepts and ideas, and I also really love the camera and expressing myself through film.  I tried to figure out how these three things came together, how they might become a career.  What I really uncovered, through a lot of meditation and working with a coach, was that I really wanted to have my own talk show.  It felt like an ‘out there’ dream but I decided that I wasn’t going to give up.  I decided to take my dream and work out what I could do with it, what I did know.  I realised that I could create the concept, that I could have guest interviews like they did on the talk shows I aspired to and I could be on camera with my own YouTube channel.  I asked God to let someone see this concept as a show one day.  I started with no idea really of what I was doing and I did it anyway.

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What has been most effective for you in your achievements so far, in turning your goals/visions into reality?  Where do you start?

I have this video called ‘The Girl Who Cried Entrepreneurabout my experiences of starting Bella Life as I had been searching for a long time for my passion and what my future might be and I kept trying a lot of things.  It felt like every week I was having a new epiphany of what my future business was.  I look back now and I have compassion for that part of me because I did all this to work out what my passion truly was.  To the outside world it looked like I wasn’t really doing anything – I would create business cards and invest money in different ways but I would never actually do anything with these ideas.  So when I started Bella Life I made a promise to myself to not invest a single cent for a year.  I told myself if I could focus for a year, do the networking, do the research, work on the business for a year without spending any money on it and still want to do it then I’d allow myself to invest and go for it.  And I did it.  I spent my time researching the format, looking at what I liked and didn’t like about other websites, and looking for the person that was going to build the site for me.  I was really starting from scratch.

How do you stay motivated and inspired?

I lean towards positivity more than some people.  I realised at a young age that you have two choices: you can either be miserable or you can be happy.  I know being upset and miserable affects my health – my body is my biggest teacher and so when I get upset I know within 24 hours that I’ll have a physical manifestation of that.  So, although things obviously upset me at times, I choose to listen to my body instead.

How do you deal with fears, challenges and obstacles, and how do you overcome them?

My approach is to have massive compassion for myself.  I know we can have a tendency to go straight to problem solving – get it done, get it figured out and deal with the feelings later… but I really don’t agree with that.  I believe all those feelings will show up in your body, in your conversations, in your spirit eventually.  I try to have the courage to go to the real problem, to the root, to choose compassion.  To do that I usually ask myself: “what is really going on here?”.  I look at what’s triggered me, what’s really bothering me.

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Tell me about your vision/goals for your future.

Oh my gosh, it’s really big.  It’s hard to say out loud.  When I had the vision for a TV show, I also had a vision that Bella Life would become a global lifestyle brand – a brand that women go to for happiness, positivity and healing.  At the time I put it on the backburner as it felt too big a vision, the TV show was big enough. I’m still formulating what the brand really could be and how it could be different to what’s already out there, and still be true to who I am.  I’m still unfolding the vision…  And, of course, I want my future to involve lots more television.

What do you believe is the secret of your success?

I am one determined little sucker.  My dad used to tell me I was really determined – if I had my mind set on something I just wouldn’t shut up!  When I get passionate about something I cannot NOT work on it, I can’t let it go.  It takes over me.

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What tips would you offer ambitious women reading this?

There’s a part of creating your dreams where it’s brilliant and beautiful to not have a plan.  I didn’t know how I was going to get my own TV show.  Hold your vision and go with your gut instinct, your intuition.  But don’t be foolish.  I only stopped working in my full-time job in January when I started filming the TV show.  I’ve been holding down a full-time job and building my business at the same time – it was exhausting BUT I knew that I was going to be fed and pay my rent so all my creative energy was not weighed down by the pressures of my daily life.  I think there’s a balance: be free and follow your passion because that’s what you’re meant to do BUT also give yourself a secure foundation to do that.

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