Five big fat clues that are choosing to earn less than you deserve:

  1. There’s always a reason why you wont ask for money: “I’m lucky to have a job/customers in this economy”
  2. You have a label for people with the mulla: “what a poser”
  3. You take pride in managing with little: “we get by”
  4. You blame someone or something else: “the market crashed when I’d just bought my property”
  5. You work VERY hard and are happy to as long as it’s recognised: “I know my boss values me”

Are any of these sounding familiar? If so, then you could be under-earning by choice.  Ridiculous, right?  Why would anyone choose to earn less than they deserve? That answer is when there is a nice, juicy payoff to staying put.  It’s the big fight live: Prosperity vs. Comfort.  Comfort often wins by way of fear…

Fear of hearing “no” when you ask for that pay rise/increased fee.  Fear of being judged.  Fear of going against your values and how you’ve been brought up.  Fear that you just wont be able to handle it.

Ask yourself what is your payoff? What do you get out of accepting less than you deserve?  Then make a choice.  Stay in your corner or step into the ring and face it.

Would you be willing to share your payoff with me?  What have you got out of staying put?  What choice do you make now?

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