Question 1:  Do you: a) plan your monthly expenditure or b) spend freely until your card gets declined (and count down to your next payday)?

Question 2: Do you: a) open your bank statements and bills when they arrive (and do something with them) or b) stack them neatly in a pile until you can no longer hide from the reminder letters?

Question 3: What do you do with any ‘spare’ disposable income: a) save it or b) treat yourself to that new squishy leather handbag you’ve had your eye on?

OK, I may be talking of two extremes here but I’m sharing a lesson I’ve learned.  I’m no money expert BUT I do know this: ignorance is most certainly NOT bliss when it comes to your finances.  Unfortunately no-one is going to sort it for you (unless you pay them a chunky retainer) so your money status quo will veer into one of two directions:

– Do nothing and see you financial situation slowly deteriorate.  

– Do something and see your financial situation slowly improve.

Nope, it’s not earth-shattering.  It’s no sexy, quick-fix.  I’m simply encouraging you NOT to stick your head in the sand and hide.  Ask yourself which of the two options is the one for you.  

Are you in Team ‘Do Something’?  If so, try this simple step to create a new money habit: Date Your Future Wealth.  

Set aside some time once a week/fortnight to have a (short) date with your money: get clear on your incomings and outgoings, check-in on where your hard-earned cash is being spent, set yourself a goal to meet before your next ‘date’.  

What you put your focus on grows.  Why not make it your bank balance?

What’s your money habit?  What one action do you need to take to change your finances for the better?  Share with us in the Comments below.

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