It seems that as much as you love the freedom, creativity and all-out excitement that running your own business brings the things that micro-business owners miss most are:

The socials: Christmas parties, lunchtime chats and after-work drinks

Being able to take holiday or sick days without worrying about things grinding to a halt

The benefits: healthcare, pension, company car and little perks coming out of someone else’s pocket.

Overwhelmingly though, you wouldn’t trade your solo enterprise for a steady 9-5.  

While I can’t promise you paid holiday or all-expenses lunches, I introduce to you The Glitterati Social.  Each Friday I invite you to ‘down tools’ and join me for an end-of-week drink.

the skinny

Glitterati Social is a weekly get-together for creative female entrepreneurs.  Each Friday between 5-5.30pm (GMT), Emma Gwillim hosts a live Twitter chat focused on a nominated topic so that the Glitterati community can share their experiences, offer advice, build new relationships and encourage one another to design a life and business that sparkles.

See you at the bar x

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