Should I whisper this….?  

How’s your money situation?  I know, I know – a lady never talks about money.  But what if you did?  

I’ve had the fortune of late to be in the presence of two kick-ass wealth role-models that have me thinking differently.  OK, one is through the old-school medium of print (I’ve been reading Barbara Stanny’s Overcoming Underearning ) but the other is my living, breathing, financial-guardian-angel, the awesome Cat Wilcock.  Both, in their unique ways, have opened my eyes to what I’ve been blind to for, oh, 25 years or more.  

I invested my birthday money in a Wealth Detox session with Cat and I’m still having a-ha moments a month on.  Without boring you with my “stinking thinking”, I wanted to get YOU thinking about your own relationship with the mullah!

How happy are you with your money situation right NOW?  Are you happy with what you’re earning or do you feel you should be earning more?  Then, why aren’t you?

What do you WANT to earn?

What do you feel you DESERVE to earn?

I found that the simple act of committing to what I wanted to earn made me feel discomfort.  And that was the red flag I needed to dig a little deeper.  With Cat’s support, I’ve begun to unpick the old baggage that has held me back.

I want you to let go of the unhelpful thoughts about what you deserve.  Imagine yourself earning your dream amount…. What is the number you see?  How do you feel about this?  Be honest with yourself about how you feel.  What thoughts creep into your mind?

By asking myself honest questions I realised that the only person holding me back was me!  I had put a cap on what I believed I could earn.  There’s a long way to go but identifying this alone has been an eye-opener.  But with eyes wide open, I’m ready to explore….

Cat, thank you x


  • Sara Sanderson
    Sara Sanderson
    Jun 20 2013
    Cat Willcock knows how to get you unstuck when it comes to money. I loved my Wealth Detox too and can't wait to work with her more this summer! All the best in your journey Emma Gwillim!

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