The bank holiday weekend is almost upon us…  What are your plans over the long Easter weekend?  Will you be enjoying the great outdoors?  Spending time with family and friends?  Relaxing with a good book?  Curling up with someone to watch a movie?

If I was to get a little Nancy Drew on you, it might just be that your weekend plans hold a little clue to your inner sparkle.  Or, like any good mystery, a trail to a clue at least.

This week I’ve been continuing to reflect on my passions and interests and, specifically, my heroes, heroines and role models as I take a fresh look at the things that make me light up.

Who is it that you admire?  

It might be a famous person or loved ones closer to home, but these people hold big clues for you.  What is it that you admire most about them?  What qualities do they have that you look up to?  Usually, the things we admire most about others are the values that are dearest to us – the ones that drive us whether we’re aware of them or not!

For me the list is long!  I count among them family members who are gutsy, determined and led by their heart, my compassionate and laugh-a-minute friends, and a parade of famous people I’ve never met whose ways of being have inspired….  I’ve hand-picked a few examples:

Audrey Hepburn: Iconic for her grace and beauty, it is that coupled with her view of the world and “her enormous need for affection, and terrible need to give it” that is her appeal for me.  I love that she enjoyed huge success on the silver screen but her fulfilment came from her role as devoted mum to her sons, and her humanitarian work with UNICEF that she dedicated her later years to.  She was a nurturer.

tumblr_m4fvgzC4Sb1qe72vvo1_400I couldn’t list all the women who are out there making their mark in the world that inspire me.  It would be long! Instead, I’ve picked an example of someone who represents what it is about creative, entrepreneurial women that I admire, big time!  Grace Bonney (who featured in the Secrets of my Success interview here), is the founder of Design*Sponge which is described as a blog but is now a bit of an empire… Grace started blogging at Design*Sponge in 2004 to combine her two passions in life: design and writing.  Not content to settle for a job that didn’t fulfil her, Grace’s vision has seen her brand extend into a lifestyle book, scholarships and national meet ups to help budding design enthusiasts to get started.  As well as admiring her creativity, I’m most inspired by her work ethic (“the rewards feel better because you really have to earn them”) and the humble way in which she’s keen to share the platform with other women.  Asked about her biggest achievement, it’s not the answer you’d expect – Grace is most proud of “building a platform that’s helped women and small businesses live their dreams”. 

When it comes to admiration of sheer talent, Megan Gonzalez is up there for me.  As a self-confessed stationery lover, her MaeMae Paperie designs make me swoon!  Another lady who followed her heart, her passions of storytelling and design to be precise, led to the creation of her internationally recognised paper goods company.  Not bad for your first job out of college!

I’d love to hear about your role models in the Comments below.  

Who is it that you admire?

What qualities do they have that most inspire you?

How can you incorporate these qualities into your day-to-day life?

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