As I sit here writing this, I’m tasting a little of my own medicine.

I’m on unsettled ground but this time I recognise it. I’ve been here before. Something feels a little… off. Something isn’t sitting quite right with my world. I’m striving for authenticity and something feels not quite ‘me’.

And I don’t know the answer.


This, my friend, is uncomfortable. You know I’m a perfectionist. My inner Type A wants everything to be just right before even thinking about taking the first step. Let alone, be stepping out there and then getting a dose of the wobbles.

But this is my year for changing my perfectionist ways. As they say, if you do what you’ve always done, you’ll get what you’ve always got. I’ve ignored these whispers before and paid the price.

This is the year that I’m accepting that I’m NOT the finished article. I’m a work in progress and I don’t have all the answers. And, actually, maybe some of the fun is in NOT having the answers and finding out as I go.

I know where my heart lies. It lies right here, with you. It lies in that ‘aha moment’ when the penny drops for someone. It lies in putting my fingers to the keyboard and writing. It lies in seeing someone recognise their beautiful potential, when their world moves in rhythm with their effort. It’s lies in my faith that if I can make just one person see their brilliance, I’m fulfilled.

But there’s a BUT.

My heart and my mind are wanting to take all of this in a different direction. And I know I must listen. It’s never failed me before. But the truth is I don’t know quite what that direction is. And that has me on a cliff-edge (and I’m not keen on heights)!

This week, for me, is all about listening. Listen to the whispers. (Click to tweet). I am finding quiet and the time to nourish myself, to listen. Only then will I start to understand where these ‘nudges’ are directing me. And when I finally get the message, I’ll be right back here to share with you.

I’d love to hear from you…

Have you ever been ‘nudged’ in a different direction when you thought you had everything mapped out?

Did you listen?

Where did it take you?

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  • Marina Bruce
    Marina Bruce
    Mar 22 2013
    Emma, you sound just like me!
  • Emma Gwillim - Life Design Coach
    Emma Gwillim - Life Design Coach
    Mar 23 2013
    What's your secret, Marina, to moving beyond it??

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