Well not goals as such –  here are the qualities in my life I want to create this year, all cut and pasted to my vision-board.  Ta-da! I shared some of my aspirations with you (here) and now here’s part two, my intentions for the other areas of my life….
Nurturing: When life is running full-steam ahead, I often (guiltily) feel that, when it comes to time with friends and family, there is little fuel left in the tank.  What company I must be!  The irony is that it’s the people I love that are the biggest priority in my life.  As a nurturer, this year I want to make sure I’m living this value – making sure that the time I spend with these peeps is jam-packed with energy, my full attention and little touches to show I care.  Project Quality Time is on!
Nurturing #2: Are you sensing a theme here?  We’re on the lookout for a new home and, much to Jack’s disdain, I’m definitely one to be ruled by my heart.  My ideal home is light, airy and welcoming.  Comfortable elegance.  The deal-breaker is it has to have plenty of space to entertain.  I love being the hostess!  
Elegance: My role models and heroines ooze elegance and it’s one quality I’d love to bring into all areas of my life: home, work, wardrobe.  
Freedom: Maybe it’s the Aries in me but I’ve been (accurately) described as “fiercely independent” in the past.  A tad extreme.  This year, I want to tone down my independent streak and, instead, try to create a sense of freedom – be it in channelling my creative energies into my plans for BasilBe (as I talk about here), keeping my free time just that – plan-free – and letting my heart take me where it will, or keeping my mind open to new possibilities this year.
Success: This is the year I’m going to spread my wings.  I’m a dreamer but often lacking the courage to go. for. it.  I’m pushing the doubts aside and channelling a little self-confidence.  I’m determined to make this year a success.  

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