2011 October

Where should I be spending my time?

10 17 2011
Do you have those days/ weeks/ months (delete as applicable) where you just don’t know where to start?  I certainly do … and it seems I’m not alone.  A dear reader emailed a question after reading that I’d been spending a little time “charting my course”: “If you have a goal-list as long as your arm, where do you decide where to start?”

As an avid goal-setter, I can relate to the feeling of being a little over-whelmed by everything I plan to accomplish.  I don’t do things by halves! If you’re feeling that same inertia this little tool might help – the Wheel of Life.  It’s commonly used by life coaches and I like to use it when things just feel a little out of balance to get me back on track.  Have a look at an example here

The idea is you take a circle and divide it into segments to represent the various areas of your life: I divide it into
– My relationship (now marriage!)
– Friends and family
– My career
– Fun and hobbies
– Money
– Health and fitness
– Growth
– Giving something back

You then take a deep breath and give each segment an honest score out of ten for how satisfied you currently are in that area of your life.  It’s fab at giving you a kick up the tush and highlighting areas you’ve been neglecting. When I did this after returning from our honeymoon I realised it was, ironically, my friends and family and my relationship that had been missing some TLC in recent months as I was focused on wedding prep.  And from here I was able to prioritise these over everything else.

Table for two?

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