2011 July

Dream with your eyes open

07 28 2011

“A goal without a plan is just a wish”
– Larry Elder –

Do you dream with your eyes open?  Dream of a different life – maybe a different home, new job, altered image?  What is it for you?  I’ll put my hands up and say I’m a dreamer.  But I’d like to believe that I do a little bit more…. I hope I do something to make my dreams happen.

I’ve said before that vision boards are one of the many ways that I try to dream a little (and sometimes BIG) dream, but there comes a point where dreaming has to turn to action.  Today I thought I’d share a few top tips to taking action:

Get a clear line of vision:
What is it you really want?  Is it a new home?  If so, describe it.  Close your eyes and imagine the front door, walk in and soak in everything you see – make it come alive in your mind.  Dream BIG.  Once you have a clear and vivid picture, make note of it in whatever way suits you (words, pictures, sound).

Break down:
How far away from your dream are you?  If you can imagine time passing as a movie, see yourself in your gorgeous new home and press rewind.  What do you see as the home before?  And the one before that?  Get clear on the steps that will get you there …. without a lottery win, that is.

Speak up:
How many times have you made a commitment to yourself and done absolutely zilch about it?  (Hmm, new year’s resolutions spring to mind!)  You need to make yourself accountable.  Seek out a friend or family member that you can share your wild imaginings with.  Often making a commitment verbally to someone we love and respect can be just the conscience prick we need to get off our bottoms and start making things happen.

Now, over to you ….

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Look to the future

07 27 2011
It’s payday tomorrow and so I’ll be indulging in my guilty pleasure – buying a stash of magazines that I’m unlikely to read. Well, not cover-to-cover at least.  And before the Eco Warriors out there have me in front of the firing squad in defence of the trees that were sacrificed to create the sweet-smelling, glossy loveliness, let me assure you that they don’t go to waste.  No no, I’ll rip them to pieces.  
For years now, my friend Jane and I have created mood-boards to mark the new year and all we want to achieve in it.  It’s cool now to look back over the years and see how these goals have evolved … and frustrating to see the ones still making an appearance.  (Will I ever get my finances in check?!)  So I was intrigued to read Andrea Baxter’s post on Design Sponge today about how she’s used a vision board to clarify her business goals, even favouring it as a tool to a traditional business plan.  While I’ve enjoyed creating these over the years as a fun way of altering and charting my course, it’s encouraging to see someone so successful reap professional rewards from the exercise…. and it gives me an excuse to do more!
In the spirit of putting my goals ‘out there’, I thought I’d share with you all my latest creation….
Do you have a vision board you’d like to share?
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